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Custom Service for Customer by Z-lion Diamond Tools Group
Z-LION company has consistently uphold the integrity and practical, innovative business ideas, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, adhere trustworthy and responsible attitude, the user's success and customer satisfaction are our service purpose, strive to provide users with excellent quality and good price, providing thoughtful, efficient first-class service.
Custom Service for Customer by Z-lion Diamond Tools Group
Z-lion provides customers with one-stop diamond tool customized services for OEM and brand production services.

✔Custom Service for Customer by Z-lion Diamond Tools Group

✎Z-lion provides customers with one-stop diamond tool customized services for OEM,ODM and brand production services.

✎Different payment way for customers.

✎Different shipping way for customers.

✎Customized MOQ. Any amount order is available. it would be much better if the weight reachs 45kgs(requested by AirLine Companies,Otherwise the Airfreight below 45kgs is very high).

✎After sale service: 24*7.

 Pre-sale services - professional and comprehensive pre-sale services, provide orientation and guidance for your investment.
◇ Introduce our company's status and product categories;
◇ According to local market demand, and guide the user to select the product category;
◇ According to the needs of production and investment scale, guiding the user to select the device;
◇ Accompanied visits production site, describes the production process, answer difficult questions;
◇ According to the actual situation, support you to create a viable investment program;
☆ Sale of services - meticulous services make your choice free from worry and reliable.
◇ Audit contract, revise and verify the term of unknown or negotiated in the contract with customers
◇ Upon request, issued production orders, arrange production.
◇ Provide technical advice, provide factory planning advice.
◇ Real-time tracking production schedule to ensure on time delivery.
☆ Service - attentive and efficient service, to provide support and protection for your benefit.
◇ Train the users to operate the equipment on-site skillfully and guide to safe production.
◇ Carefully explain equipment routine maintenance and restore common failure.
◇ Be responsible for the maintenance and replacement within warranty time.
◇ Set permanent office and parts warehouse, as well as service technicians in the country, to provide you with thoughtful, efficient service.
◇ Reply immediately within one hour after receiving the service need, our engineer try to be at site within 24 hours.
◇ Company's service department is responsible for receiving and handling complaints from customers about product quality and service quality.
◇ Regularly track old and new users, assist users to solve problems;
◇ Anytime, any user can schedule a technician to our company, freely receive training from our specialist.
◇ Welcome suggestions for improvement, based on changes in the market, meet user’s demand for products and services, create value for customers.
◇ Users deserve after-sale service all the time.

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Registered Add No.25 Northwest,Xiangyue Road,Xiang'an Industrial District,Torch Hi-New Zone,Xiamen,Fujian,China.
Main Market North America, Europe, Middle East and South America,etc.
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Number of Employees 100-200
Established in 2002

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-All diamond tools can be ordered and fabricated!
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Since 2002, Z-lion Diamond Tools Group is a high-tech enterprise with right of import and export. Our company focuses on the exploring and application of diamond new material, push out more of diamond super hard material and its applied products, offer advanced solution on diamond new material and application for our customers.We specializes in the production of different types of diamond tools with floor polishing pads,concrete polishing pads,diamond hand pads,dry polishing pads,wet polishing pads,diamond belts,sponge pads,diamond grinding and polishing tools,diamond cutting tools,CNC diamond tools,antique brushes,diamond core drill tools for concrete,stone,glass,ceramic and construction projects and industrial application,etc.

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