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New Third Board Listed Enterprise-Z-LION DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY
New Third Board Listed Enterprise

Since its foundation, ZL Technology forms the core competitive in brand, system, technology, service by its sharp market insight, complete HR system, Strong management execution and strong financial advantages. with the reform in supply chain, research, manufacturing, marketing, service, we become the global renowned polishing tools innovative enterprise.

ZLION Technology is listed on New Third Board with stock number: 831862. It means a new steps, promoting the standardized management and healthy development of enterprises and enhancing the development potential of enterprises.

We are a reliable partner. We will offer high quality products and service by improving our competitive, optimizing the product, technique and flow process.


zlion diamond tools xiamen ZL DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY

-All diamond tools can be ordered and fabricated!
-Henry WangHenry Wang | Quote Manager

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Since 2002, Z-lion Diamond Tools Group is a high-tech enterprise with right of import and export. Our company focuses on the exploring and application of diamond new material, push out more of diamond super hard material and its applied products, offer advanced solution on diamond new material and application for our customers.We specializes in the production of different types of diamond tools with floor polishing pads,concrete polishing pads,diamond hand pads,dry polishing pads,wet polishing pads,diamond belts,sponge pads,diamond grinding and polishing tools,diamond cutting tools,CNC diamond tools,antique brushes,diamond core drill tools for concrete,stone,glass,ceramic and construction projects and industrial application,etc.

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