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Registered Add No.25 Northwest,Xiangyue Road,Xiang'an Industrial District,Torch Hi-New Zone,Xiamen,Fujian,China.
Main Market North America, Europe, Middle East and South America,etc.
Brand Z Lion
Number of Employees 100-200
Established in 2002

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Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS GROUP | Floor equipments and floor solutions!Global renowned polishing tool innovative enterprise!63 international and domestic patents!

Whether you are looking for high-quality stone fabrication equipment or for diamond tooling and supplies, Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS Brand delivers world-class products with a single-minded commitment to ensuring your success.

World Respected diamond polishing tool brands like Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS GROUP. Check out our z-lion brand new digital catalog!

Diamond Saw Blades,Flexible Polishing Pads,Hand Polishing Pads,Diamond Flexible Sheet,Diamond Belt,Diamond Flap Disc,Diamond Cup Wheel,Diamond Grinding Tool,Diamond Polisher,Diamond Cutting Blade,Diamond Wire Saw,Diamond Electroplated Wire,Diamond Finger Bits,Diamond Drum Wheel,Diamond Drill Bits,Small Tools,etc.

Our impressive line of diamond tooling and supplies is superior in performance and value.

Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS GROUP represents diamond tooling from leading manufacturers for both CNC and manual applications. This array of innovative diamond tools allows Z-LION to uniquely offer the specialty tooling to match any application.

STONE TOOLS_Stone Tools Sources_Stone Tool Technology_Stone Finishing Tools_Stone Tool Supply Near Me

☑ Z-LION Polishing:

Polishing is an essential part of the stone fabricating process and one that we take very seriously, which is why our range of polishing tools, equipment, consumables and accessories is one of our most comprehensive. We offer a large range for every job, application, material or personal preference and for ease, we have broken down our range into Wet Polishing, Wet or Dry Polishing, Dry Polishing, Edge Polishing, Electroface, Texturing & Hand Polishing Accessories, Polishing Drums, Carborundum Wheels, Sanding & Silicone Carbide, Backing Pads and Surface Polishing. 

You will find polishing pads in stone fabricators across the world, high-quality is absolutely essential in making sure that the integrity of the finished product is perfect. It's important to not settle for second best when choosing your stone polishing equipment. Each and every one of our polishing products undergoes extensive research and development before they are launched and you can expect exceptional build quality, the best quality diamond, superb chemical bonds and overall better life and finished product. Ensuring we give our customers the very best value for money is essential - you can rest assured knowing that all polishing products from Stonegate have your workshop firmly in mind. 

Z-LION Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite / Marble / Natural Stone

Granite, Marble, and Natural Stone Pads are designed to polish and grind counter tops, floors, slabs, and walls. We offer pads that are made with high quality diamonds and resins to grind and polish the most demanding marble and granite surfaces. Our resin pads perform all the tasks while leaving an amazing polish on the stone. The lower grit polishing pads or diamond grit sanding pads such as the 50, 100, 200 grits are more aggressive. The lower grit diamonds pads are used to lightly grind down the granite or stone. Each grit-polishing pad of the set is progressively less aggressive than the pad before. Each grit progression removes the scratches left from the diamond pad used prior. The 400-grit diamond pad is considered more of a hone finish than a grind or polish. The 800, 1,500, and 3,000 grit polishing pads are the final steps in the polishing process and used to get the wet or shiny look. A typical slab of granite or marble goes through the entire polishing process, starting with the lower grit polishing for creating some light scratching or grinding and continuing through the higher grits for desired look. Depending on the job some steps may be cut out in the beginning or end of process. 

Dry Diamond Polishing Pads(eg:

Wet Diamond Polishing Pads(eg:

Dry & Wet Diamond Polishing Pads(

 Z-LION Cutting:

1).Granite Diamond Saw Cutting Blades

Granite is a Igneous rock which contains 20-60% quartz. Granite is a very hard Natural stone, which requires a aggressive bond and larger diamonds. Typically the sintered metal bonds manufacturing method is used for Granite blades. Granite Diamond Blades are made from soft bonded segments to allow for continuous exposure. 
The diamond tool store carries a variety of Granite Diamond Blades Sizes for all your fabrication cutting needs.  For smaller cutting jobs we recommend Diamond Turbo Blades and for larger cutting jobs we recommend Diamond Bridge Saw Blades.  Two of our most popular blades our Normal granite diamond saw blade(N300-FG,N350-FG,N400-FG,N450-FG,N500-FG,N600-FG) and Silent granite diamond saw blade (S300-FG,S350-FG,S400-FG,S450-FG,S500-FG,S600-FG),etc.

2).Marble Diamond Saw Cutting Blades

Marble is a hard crystalline form of limestone used mostly in sculpture and architecture, marble is a softer natural stone and requires a harder bond to cut. Marble diamond blades are manufacturing using two methods. 
Vacuum Brazing manufactured by welding synthetic diamond particles on to the outside edge fo the circular steel blade in a vacuum brazing furnace. All of the diamond particles are on the exterior edge of the blade, with no metal diamond mixture, vacuum brazed blades will cut a wide variety of meterial including, concrete, masonry, steel and various irons. 
Electro plating - blades using diamonds embedded in metal coating, typically of nickel electroplating onto a steel blade base, can be made to be very thin up to 10 micrometers thick, for precise cutting 
Diamond blades used to cut marble occasionally have diamond the can be visible on the edge of the blade but in some cases in larger sizes use the sintering method for bridge saw blades.

Two of our most popular blades our Normal marble diamond saw blade(S300-FM,
S350-FM,S400-FM,S450-FM,S500-FM,S600-FM) and Silent marble diamond saw blade (S300-FM,S350-FM,S400-FM,S450-FM,S500-FM,S600-FM),ZL-SJ Diamond Wire saw etc.

3).Engineered Stone / Quartz Diamond Saw Cutting Blades

Quartz and engineered stones are both very hard materials to cut, because of quartz density it can only be cut with a diamond blade suitable for hard material. Quartz blades contain a very high diamond concentration 
With a soft bond similar to glass and marble blades.
Two of our most popular blades our Normal Quartz and engineered stones diamond saw blade(N300-FQ,
N350-FQ,N400-FQ,N450-FQ) and Silent marble diamond saw blade (S300-FQ,S350-FQ,S400-FQ,S450-FQ),etc.

☑​​​​​​​ Z-LION Grinding:
Z-LION Diamond Grinding Tools for Granite / Marble / Natural Stone

Our Diamond Grinding Tools include tools for granite, marble, natural stone, engineered stone, and more.
Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels
Diamond Drum Wheels
Diamond Grinding Pads
Diamond Grinding Segments
Grinding Stones

☑​​​​​​​ Z-LION Coring /Drilling:

1).Granite Diamond Core Drill Bits

Granite core bits or hole saws are a hollow cylindrical bit that is the cutting part of a core drill. It leaves a Cylinder shape which often is used as sink holes or to feed lines and pipes. These core bits are made up of a concentration of diamonds and metal bonds in order to cut the hard surface of the granite. Granite core bits are occasionally Segmented and made using a sintering method. The Diamond tool store offers dry core bits, wet core bits, segmented, non coring bits, t seg bits, cnc bits, bits with side protection anymore and more.  

2).Marble Diamond Core Drill Bits

Marble core bits are a hollow cylindrical bit that is the cutting part of a core drill. It leaves a Cylinder shape which often is used as sink holes or to feed lines and pipes. These core bits are made up of a concentration of diamonds and metal bonds in order to cut the hard surface of the granite. Marble core bits are occasionally Vacuum Brazed or Electroplated. The Diamond tool store offers two options, dry and wet. 

☑​​​​​​​ Z-LION Profiling / Edging:

Our Diamond Profiling and Edging Section covers diamond tools for creating shapes, edges, or profiles.  These diamond tools are used best for stone, granite, marble, porcelain, concrete, engineered stone, and more.  These countertop-shaping tools are referred to as: Diamond Router Bits, Stone Router Bits, and Concrete Router Bits.  These router bits are essential tools for stone and granite fabrication.    

Our Diamond Profile Router Bits come in several shapes including Full Bullnose, Demi Bullnose, Ogee, Cove Dupont, Eased, Beveled, Continuous, Segmented, Electroplated, Hand Profile Bits, Brazed, Specialty, and More.  We also offer different positions or grits, sizes, and custom orders.  We also offer Stone Chisels and Stone Routers.

☑​​​​​​​ Z-LION Stone Shank Sculpture Cutter:

Stone and Granite Shank Sculpture Cutters are used to create smooth and steady edges for future countertops.  Combined with Diamond Router Bits the router creates different profiles or shapes on the slab.  Our Shank Sculpture Cutters work on granite, natural stone, marble, porcelain, engineered stone, and concrete.  Stone Router Machines are also referred to in the industry as; Granite Profiler, Section Machine, Granite Shank Sculpture Cutter Machine, Router Cutter, and more .

-All diamond tools can be ordered and fabricated, just as it is!
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ZLION DIAMOND TOOLS FACTORY Xiamen ZL diamond technology Co., ltd.
Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS GROUP | Floor equipments and floor solutions!Global renowned polishing tool innovative enterprise!63 international and domestic patents!

zlion diamond tools xiamen ZL DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY

-All diamond tools can be ordered and fabricated!
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