What is the process of the concrete sealing and curing agent floor construction plan? 2022-06-03
Concrete sealing and curing agent floor construction plan (with photos)

Concrete sealing and curing agent knowledge encyclopedia, dedicated to solving various floor problems.

Original title: "List of Construction Processes of Concrete Sealed and Cured Floor (with Pictures)"

Concrete sealing and curing floor construction process

1. Finished product protection

During ground construction, a large number of on-site finished products have been installed in place, and water and large-scale construction equipment are needed during the construction of the floor. In order to protect the finished products, we will cover the walls and immovable objects with protective film before construction. .

2. Clean the ground

After the metal iron grinding disc is ground, use professional cleaning equipment to clean the ground. At this time, we need to check the hardness of the ground. If the hardness is good, continue grinding with resin sheet 50#. If the ground hardness is not enough, you need to use a curing agent to increase the strength of the ground.

Note: The floor must be clean and dry.

3. Floor rough grinding

Choose 30# or 80# metal grinding disc according to the hardness of the floor, add a small amount of water and grind it with a floor grinder.

Note: This node needs to check the ground.

a. If there are large holes or cracks, it should be repaired and dried before grinding;

b. If there are steel nails or bolts with exposed surfaces, they should be cut and then ground;

c. Wet the surface of the floor with a small amount of water, no water can be seen on the surface, and there is moisture on the surface of the floor;

d. When grinding, the horizontal and vertical cross grinding of the machine is based on the principle of floor leveling;

e. Clean the ground dust every time you grind it (one time horizontally and vertically), if you find that the part is not ground in place, you can grind it locally until it is flat.

4, spray concrete curing agent (first pass material)

After the resin grinding disc 50# is polished, it is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 (the dilution ratio is determined according to the compactness of the ground) and sprayed directly and evenly on the ground. The ground that has been sprayed with Hardener C-801 should be kept wet for more than 2-3 hours, during which time, push it back and forth with a long-haired brush with appropriate hardness to help absorption.

When the curing agent on the ground becomes slippery and thick, spray the ground with an appropriate amount of water, and push it back and forth with a brush to dilute the excess curing agent and promote the second penetration of the ground.


a. For the first time, the curing agent should be sprayed evenly, and the surface is wet as the standard.

b. Push back and forth evenly with the dust pusher, and gradually superimpose to ensure that the ground is wet and fully absorbed for 2-3 hours.

5. Grinding the ground

After the concrete curing agent has penetrated for 2-3 hours, at this time, check the hardness of the ground. If the hardness is not enough, we continue to grind it with a metal iron grinding disc, and then apply the curing agent material again. (Note that if the hardness of the ground is not enough, do not use the resin sheet for grinding), if the hardness is good, we will use 150# resin grinding sheet to grind, clean the ground to ensure that the ground is clean, and the next feeding will be fully absorbed.


a. The floor must be clean and dry.

b. If there are micro-holes or fine cracks on the ground, we will start repairing in this process. A brief patching scheme is as follows.

Ground defect repair plan - on the ground with micro-holes or fine cracks, pour a 1:4 mixed concrete curing agent. The speed of the grinder is adjusted to about 800-1000 rpm. Grind out the slurry and infiltrate the slurry slowly, in the micropores or fine cracks until the slurry is dry.

6. Spray concrete curing agent again (second time material)

After the resin abrasive sheet 150# is polished, dilute the concrete sealing curing agent 1:4 with water, spray it evenly on the ground, keep it wet for 2 hours and push it back and forth with a long-haired brush with appropriate hardness to help absorption.


a. The second time curing agent should be sprayed evenly, taking the surface wetness as the standard.

b. Push back and forth evenly with the dust pusher, and gradually superimpose to ensure that the ground is wet and fully absorbed for 2 hours.

7. Grinding the ground

After the concrete curing agent has penetrated for 2 hours, cross-grind with a 300# resin sheet. Put a small amount of water, so that the ground can not be ash. Use 300# resin grinding discs with water to grind horizontally and vertically. At this time, the purpose is to clean the ground and make the ground more delicate. Points to note: put more water, and the number of revolutions of the machine can be adjusted to the highest.

Partially repair the floor holes, after grinding the 300# resin sheet, start to repair the local floor holes. Repair the holes with repair mortar. After the repair mortar is dry, grind it with an angle grinder and polish it. To clean the ground, use a disc machine with a cleaning pad to clean the ground with a lot of water, a suction machine or an automatic cleaning machine.


a. A protective film should be used when cleaning the entire construction floor, and the soiled finished products should be cleaned to ensure that the site is absolutely clean before polishing.

b. The machine must be cleaned.

Eight, floor polishing

Apply brightener.

Use a professional grinding machine with 500#-1000#-2000# resin grinding discs in turn, and polish them horizontally and vertically.


a. Add counterweight iron to the machine, and adjust the speed of the grinder to the highest.

b. The ground can be wet or dry.

Nine, clean the ground handover

After the 2000# resin grinding disc is polished, use 1#--3# polishing pads to polish the whole ground to ensure the cleanliness of the ground and the project is completed.


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