ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads for Grinding,Polishing

ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads for Grinding,Polishing

Z-Lion is a professional Chinese diamond tools wholesaler,we can offer high-quality ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads for Grinding,Polishing and fast delivery.Inquiry now!

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  • Min. Order:

    Any amount order is available. it would be much better if the weight reachs 45kgs(requested by AirLine Companies,Otherwise the Airfreight below 45kgs is very high).
  • Payment Terms:

    T/T, L/C,Paypal,Western Union, etc.
  • Shipping Port:

    Xiamen Port.
  • Delivery Time:

    3-14 Days after payment comfirm, according to quantity.
  • Usage:

    Stone,Concrete,Ceramic,Glass with Cutting, grinding, polishing etc.
  • Supply Ability:

    10,000 piece/month.
  • Origin:

    Xiamen, China.
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    Concrete Tools
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● Product Name:  ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads for Grinding,Polishing

● Product Specification of ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads

Our metal Bond Discs are specially designed for grinding, polishing concrete, granite, marble, limestione, travertime and terrazzo, and have an advantage over other manufacturers' similar products in current market, The special features are as follows:

1) Diamond segment is hot pressed and professionally welded on the plate to make sure the density of segment is reasonable and help to extend the life time of the disc.

2) the height of diamond segment is higher than other general metal bond discs in the market, Higher segments would make the disc not easy to work out.

Product Name: Metal Bond Electroplated Floor Polishing Pads
Item No.: ZL-16
Brand: Z-LION
Features: 1) Segment type: 2 piece segment                                
2) Segment size: 10mm height or 12mm    
3) Grit: 6#,16#,30#, 50#,100#,200#, 400#
4)Application: for grinding and polishing marble, granite, concrete's surface
Advantages: 1)  Durable  Metal diamond                         
2)  Effective in the process of grinding and polishing concrete floor
3)  Different granularities and sizes as requested
4)  Competitive price and superior quality
5)  Beautiful package and fast delivery
6)  Excellent service
Applied machine: diamond floor polishing pad for werkmaster, Lavina, Prep/Master, Levetec etc grinders plate
MOQ: 5 pieces of each grits
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
Package Carton box for each piece  diamond floor polishing pad or customers requirement
Delivery 7-12 days upon receiving payment
Certification: ISO9001, SGS Product Quality Control
Main Market: USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Australia, UAE, South Africa, etc.

ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads for Grinding,Polishing

Agent Service:

1). Agent Condition: As long as it is the supporter of our brand, the industry practitioners who sell certain brands in the local area have certain customer resources.

2). Agent Process:

✓First, submit the application by mail. 

✓Second, we will provide the information form to the applicant to fill out and reply within 1-3 business days.

✓Third, after confirming the conditions, sign the contract between the agents.

✓Fourth, we provide competitive products with high quality and low price for you.

3). Agent Advantage & Service Enjoyed by Our Agents:

✓First, our brand has a high international reputation and high consumer acceptance.

✓Second, have a more competitive price support.

✓Third, obtain technical guidance and support throughout the company.

✓Fourth, get the company's free online promotion and promotion.

✓Fifth, obtain local protection rights.

✓Sixth, new product and research and development support.

✓High quality procedure: Configured with automation machine, improving production capacity to reach our client's lead time.

4). Agent Rights and Obligations:

✓Agent's rights: Authorized to use the Z-LION brand's authorization, brand-related atlas, and online promotion.

✓Agent obligations: Obey the terms and confidentiality agreement of the contract, and do not use our company brand to do things that are not related to our authorized distribution.

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-All diamond tools can be ordered and fabricated!
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Z-LION Diamond Tools Manufacturer is one of the best ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy cheap and high-quality Diamond Cutting Blades, Grinding Wheel, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Core Drills, Diamond Wire Saw, China ZL-16L Concrete Floor Polishing Pads from us.

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