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Registered Add No.25 Northwest,Xiangyue Road,Xiang'an Industrial District,Torch Hi-New Zone,Xiamen,Fujian,China.
Main Market North America, Europe, Middle East and South America,etc.
Brand Z Lion
Number of Employees 100-200
Established in 2002

GLASS TOOLS_Glass Diamond Tools_China Diamond Glass Tools Used in Glass Construction

Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS GROUP | Floor equipments and floor solutions!Global renowned polishing tool innovative enterprise!63 international and domestic patents!
GLASS TOOLS_Glass Diamond Tools_China Diamond Glass Tools Used in Glass Construction
Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS specializes in manufacturing exactness Diamond Tools for Glass,Ceramic,Stone and Quartz Industries. we have a tendency to perceive the issues you're facing in machining glass/stone/ceramic/quartz materials and stepped up to fulfill this challenge by developing Diamond product and technology that may facilitate come through nearer tolerances and drum sander surface end.

As leader in new diamond tools patent development, we have a tendency to still raise standards for the entire trade.

Typical applications include: glass/quartz conduit, solar panels, glass wafers, glass windows/lamps, automobile windows, and plenty of others. Whether you are a small fabricator or a leading Fortune 500 company, you can rely on us to improve and optimize you glass/stone/ceramic/quartz fabrication operation to its ultimate level of efficiency.

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One-stop Z-LION glass diamond tools for sale | Glass Tools Source_Glass Diamond Tool Suppliers_China Diamond Glass Tools Equipment and Accessories

☺Glass tools include diamond glass cutting tools,diamond glass grinding tools,diamond glass polishing tools.,Glass tools are widely used for floor cutting,grinding and polishing.
Our diamond glass tools include the
ZL-EB Diamond Belts,Diamond hand polishing pads(ZL-37C(Electroplated hand pad),ZL-37D(Resin hand pad),etc.),Diamond Cone(it is good for thread processing of oil pipelines (eg glass fiber tubes),Brazed polishing pads (ZL-VB),etc.),Brazed Wire Saw(ZL-SJ,etc.), Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pads(ZL-123E,etc.),Diamond Sheets(ZL-35A(Metal Diamond Sheet),ZL-35B(Resin Diamond Sheet),etc)etc. These tools are great for tools for glass project work.

☑ China Diamond Belts- ZL-EB Diamond Belts
, High-efficiency wear-resistant diamond electroplated belt adopts a new manufacturing technology. It is used for grinding and polishing of glass, stone, ceramics, alloy materials and other hard materials. It has many advantages, such as wear-resisti-, aggressive, non-degumming, firm joints, can replace imported products, and reduce production costs and so on.

China Diamond Belts- ZL-EB Diamond Belts advantage
China Diamond Belts- ZL-EB Diamond Belts

☑ China Z-LION Glass Diamond Polishing PadsZL-37CElectroplated diamond hand polishing pads,ZL-37D Resin diamond hand polishing pads,ZL-VB Brazed diamond polishing pads,ZL-123E Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pads,etc.

ZL-37C,National patented products, mainly used for polishing of brittle and hard materials such as stone, glass, ceramics, hard plastics, glass fiber, etc., suitable for corner trimming, partial polishing, derusting, deburring, etc. that cannot be completed by equipment.
1. Good heat dissipation, the working layer is not easy to damage.
2. Good water resistance.
3. For local plane polishing, higher efficiency.
4. The support layer makes the working layer not easily deformed.
5. Plating pattern can be customized
ZL-37CElectroplated diamond hand polishing pads China
ZL-37D,The national patented product, with white dot design, can polish granite and marble at the same time, and does not stain the stone surface.
1. Humanized side groove design, comfortable grip.
2. Using elastic base cloth, the particles are firm and not easy to fall.
3. Separate particles, good softness.
4. Provide a variety of pattern shapes.
ZL-37D Resin diamond hand polishing pads china
ZL-VB,The national patent product is suitable for rough grinding and trimming of hard materials such as marble, granite and concrete. Brazed discs are sharper and more efficient than resin discs or metal discs; braze discs are more durable than electroplated discs.
1. Dedicated to the brazing technology, the diamond particles are welded on the substrate, and the diamond does not fall off and is sharper.
2. The back is made of high-quality materials, the grinding effect is more uniform and the efficiency is higher.
ZL-VB Brazed diamond polishing pads china
ZL-123E,Soft grinding discs are mainly used to polish hard materials such as stone, ceramics, concrete and glass. Electroplating technology is used to attach the diamond to the substrate, and the back is bonded with high-quality felt, which is faster and sharper than conventional landfill grinding.
1. Super sharp.
2. Dry grinding wet grinding dual-use, wet grinding effect is better.
3. Can be customized according to demand.
ZL-123E Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pads China

☑​​​​​​​ China Z-lion Glass Diamond Sheets- ZL-35A Electropalted Diamond Sheet and ZL-35B Resin Diamond Sheet
ZL-35B, The new abrasive cloth is sharper and more wear-resistant than traditional sanding cloth. It is used for edging and trimming of brittle and hard materials such as stone, glass and ceramics. (The back is a cloth base, the back of the felt can be customized)
1. Wear-resistant, long service life
2. Size can be customized according to demand
3. The particles are firm and not easy to fall.

Product NO.   ZL-35B SIZE 120*180mm 90*55mm
Grit 800# 1800# 3500# 7000#(The larger the size, the finer the grinding, the higher the gloss)
ZL-35B Resin Diamond Sheet China
ZL-35A , the metal electroplated sheet is an easy to use diamond tool. Mainly used for corner grinding of stone, glass, ceramic, hard alloy, etc. or self-made for other tools.
1. Sharp, high grinding efficiency.
2. Wear-resistant, long service life.
3. Size can be customized according to demand.
Product NO.   ZL-35A SIZE 120*180mm 90*55mm
Grit 30# 60# 120# 200# 400# 600#(The larger the size, the finer the grinding, the higher the gloss)
ZL-35A Electropalted Diamond Sheet China

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Z-LION DIAMOND TOOLS GROUP | Floor equipments and floor solutions!Global renowned polishing tool innovative enterprise!63 international and domestic patents!

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Z-LION (short for Xiamen ZL Diamond Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of diamond tools in Xiamen, China. Established in 2002 and listed in New Third Board as a public company in 2015.ZLION factory specializes in the production of different types of diamond tools with diamond flap discs, diamond polishing pads, floor polishing pads, diamond hand polishing pads, dry polishing pads, wet polishing pads, diamond sanding belts (eletroplated diamond grinding belts and resin diamond polishing belts) , diamond cutting saw, for concrete,stone,glass,ceramic and construction projects and industrial application,etc.

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