What are the types of concrete floors? 2022-05-26
What are the types of concrete floors?
2.0.1 The overall floor system Seamless flooring

The material is paved or coated on the surface of the base layer on site, combined with the base layer to form a whole, and a floor system that meets specific functions.
The overall floor system Seamless flooring Types of concrete floor

2.0.2 Permeable liquid hardener floor system Liquid floor hardener

The permeable liquid hardener is evenly coated on the cement base to form a hard and wear-resistant floor system.

2.0.3 Cementitious floor hardener

A hard, wear-resistant and impact-resistant floor system is formed by spreading cement-based wear-resistant materials in the initial setting stage of cast-in-place concrete and troweling.

2.0.4 Polymethylmethacrylate flooring system

A floor system formed by the polymerization of reactive liquid resin with methyl methacrylate as the main component and an initiator.

2.0.5 Vinyl ester flooring

Vinyl ester resin floor material is a floor system with chemical anti-corrosion function formed by coating the surface of the base layer with materials such as accelerators, initiators, and reinforcing materials.

2.0.6 Polyurthane cement hybird flooring

Floor system composed of water-based polyurethane resin and mortar composed of cement-containing reactive aggregates.
Polyurthane cement hybird flooring Types of concrete floor

2.0.7 Epoxy terrazzo

It is a floor system with a stone texture made of epoxy resin system as a binder and various aggregates after grinding and polishing.

2.0.8 Multi-layer flooring system

The floor system consists of three parts: primer, middle coating and top coating. The proportions of aggregate/filler and resin in the surface layer and the middle coating component are different, and the construction process is different.



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